Meet the Instructors of Studio 10!

Meet the Instructors of Studio 10!

Studio 10 Center for the Arts has been busy interviewing an exceptionally talented group of instructors who are preparing to bring you and your children the finest quality lessons, workshops and classes in music, theatre, art, movement, yoga and more! Additional instructors are being added in art and theatre and will be announced shortly. The studio is currently undergoing major renovations and will be set to open early August. Our August workshops will be added soon, check out our calendar page in the coming weeks. We are currently accepting registrations for August summer theatre camps as well as our fall session. For more information please call 203-826-7194, email Like us on Facebook by clicking here.

Meet Our Instructors!

Owner/Director, Theatre Instructor, Creative Movement, Cultural Music, Puppet Shows

Wendy Ann Mitchell~

Wendy is a self-taught musician, writer, theatre instructor, puppeteer, wife and mother of three talented children. Wendy has over 23 years of experience working with children and teens. She studied Elementary Education and English Literature at Post University while earning her Head Teacher’s certification in Early Childhood through the State of Connecticut. She graduated from Kristi’s Talent Agency in Scottsdale, AZ. with a certificate in Theatre Arts.

Wendy was a daycare director, taught preschool for four years and taught Musical Theatre classes at a private school where she produced, choreographed, and directed productions and plays for 200+ students.  Serving as a youth mentor for 10 years, Wendy wrote and directed numerous plays, dramas, and productions for ages 5 through teen. Her original production, Forward Motion, which she wrote and directed, was presented to inner-city teens to educate on drug and alcohol awareness and prevention. Wendy has a passion to bring that same message to teens and kids in her own community by offering free quarterly theatre classes for teens. In addition to teaching Musical Theatre and directing for 10 years, Wendy also led the youth band and youth choir at her church.  She sings and plays bass guitar and has a passion to help children and teens develop into their unique selves and reach their full potential.

Wendy’s teaching philosophy centers on building a child’s self-esteem while understanding each student is a unique individual with different learning styles. In her spare time Wendy volunteers with the Bethel Women’s Club and enjoys spending time with her husband-drummer, oldest son-actor, middle son-drummer, daughter-bells/ukulele/percussion and rescue beagle/lab mix dog Charlie.


Wendy Mitchell ~ Bio above

David Sousa ~ Improv

David Sousa is the founding Artistic Director of New Britain Youth Theater. He has been working with educational and community theaters for over twenty years, including the Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain, the Riverton Theatre, Theatre Newington-OnStage, and the Warner Theatre in Torrington.  He has completed workshops with Shakespeare and Company, the New England Shakespeare Company, and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. David was a member of the improvisational Troupe with No Name  and a founding member of the improv troupe Too Many Monkeys. In 2002, his production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream won first place at the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) State Festival, and was honored as second runner-up at the AACT New England Regional Festival.


Lindsey Howard Edwards ~ Art Around the World, Mastering the Masters, Jewelry Making

Lindsey Edwards is a formally trained artist who attended SUNY purchase, majored in photography and minored in sculpture. She has been involved in art studies and application all over the world, including under studying for the famous sculptor, Louis McCabb as well as overseas studies at the Louvre in Paris, France.  She worked in photography for 8 years and is a notable silver artist and jeweler, who was featured on the cover of CrafStylish magazine for her work in sculpted silver. Lindsey won the volenteer of the year award from the town of Easton for her efforts in reconstructing and painting murals in local preschools and churches. Lindsey believes in teaching through creative thinking and humor, often having her students laughing while they make their masterpieces!  She has always believed since childhood in the Bob Ross philosophy, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano and having as much fun as possible with her daughter, Phoenix.

Grace Napoleon~ Recycled Art, Trashy Fashion

Grace is the owner/operator of Folk Couture, a fashion design company that centers on recycling, upcycling an reinventing articles of clothing into something new. Fashion has always been a part of her life and she is known for her singular style.
Grace’s Folk Couture line includes tunics, sweaters, dresses and gowns, all hand-stitched by me for women of style. She teaches Recycle Your Closet Workshops, and works with groups of friends to recycle their favorite clothing they no longer wear into something new and wonderful that they can enjoy again in entirely new ways. Grace also teaches Trashy Fashion, a class that teaches kids of all ages to create cool, fun and unique apparel by using everyday items such as trash bags, duct tape and recycled materials.

Jennifer Matlack~ Decpoupage

Jennifer is a freelance writer, crafter and  decoupage artist. Using acid-free paper and artist pencils, Jennifer draws foxgloves, cucumbers, carrots and other garden staples, dips the drawings in a tea bath to give them an antique look and mounts them on spoons, coated with a UV/water-resistant acrylic sealer to make them weatherproof. She also creates decoupage pieces by layering fabrics, textiles and other materials and mounts them on a variety of bases. Jennifer’s garden markers have been featured on This Old House, in Fine Gardening and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens magazines, and they were mentioned on “Good Morning America.” Jennifer’s love of art and creativity go way back: Her great ancestor, Timothy Matlack, penned The Declaration of Independence. Jen is drawn to papers and fabrics, and she has a special affinity for vintage silverware. When she’s not writing professionally or working in her garden, she repurposes old spoons, forks, and knives into garden markers, ornaments, and garlands for her shop on ETSY where she was featured seller!

Kathryn Michaud~ Art in Nature/Recycled Art

Kathryn is a graduate of Bethel High School, where she spent most of her time in the art department working endlessly on a variety of art projects. She works a full-time job at Chamomille Natural Foods in Danbury, CT and is planning to travel to Wales next fall where she hopes to attend University. All of her spare time is devoted to creating, crafting, crocheting, painting, drawing, sewing, building, and sculpting. She cannot wait to begin teaching art classes at Studio 10!

James Riggs ~ Wood Working, Puppet Making, Film Making, Mask Making, Monster-Smash Monster Making, Zombies on Parade

James Riggs has directed and designed off-beat comedies for the Fringe Festival in NYC, conducted mask-making and film-making workshops while serving with the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, and is currently in production for his second short film: “GORP-GORP” which will be shooting in the summer of 2012. James graduated from NYU with a degree in drama, and recently spent a year up at UConn’s puppetry program.  When he is not inventing new worlds with plywood and papier-mache, James gets the bills paid by fixing up peoples’ houses, which can mean anything from designing and building custom furniture to digging around in the dirt.  He loves variety and creativity, and feels that the developing creatively is fundamental to awaking the power of one’s own inner vision, and that it also provides exciting challenges in critical thinking and planning. He loves doing workshops with kids, and is delighted to be working at Studio 10.


Janine LaMendola~ Sing & Sign

Ms. Janine grew up in Brookfield, CT.  When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She would always say “A singer”. So, she sang her way through elementary school and right into high school and then learned to play the guitar. She continued to sing in area senior centers, weddings, memorial services and adult sing alongs. Once Janine had her own children, her love for children’s music was born!  Ms. Janine has been in the children’s music business since 1992.She was in the Deaf Studies Program at Northwestern CT Community College in Winsted, CT.  Her love for children’s music and American Sign Language is obvious to anyone who’s ever seen her perform. Combining her two passions together has landed her a very busy full time music career. This mother of two is in and out of childcare centers and elementary schools around CT and NY.  She often enjoys performing at a few public sing & sign alongs a year and holding classes for infants through school age children and their parents. Teaching little ones simple signs through the children’s music they already know and love is an easy, fun way to learn. Children’s birthday parties keep her busy almost every weekend but she loves it! Her first Children’s CD with a Sign Language Booklet should be released Fall 2012! To purchase CD and to book Ms. Janine please visit her website:

Barry Seroff~ Voice, flute, piano, guitar, drums, shakuhachi, harmonica

Barry Seroff, native of Queens, New York, earned his Bachelors Degree at the Aaron Copland School of Music where he studied with some of the great minds of the twentieth century.  He exercises his deepest musical passion, improvisation, through performances with many notable musicians such as William Parker and Anthony Braxton.  He has released critically acclaimed albums such as 27 New York Antisonnets, APass Toward Solace, and his upcoming groundbreaking album; Barry Seroff’s Democracy. His compositions range from traditional chamber ensembles and orchestras to more modern settings featuring electric guitar and drums.  He belongs to and plays with many noteworthy collections of artists such as New Haven Improvisers Collective, ThingNY, Beasts of Improve and Anti-Social Music.  He is currently playing music in the off Broadway Musical, “The Etiquette of Death”. Barry has a life long love of teaching children, spending most of his days doing so.  He performs and educates at preschools and elder homes with his vast collection of mastered instruments, including flute, piano, guitar, drums, shakuhachi, and many more.  He enjoys music of all genres and spending time with his son, Jackson, who also has the music bug at the early age of three.

Michel Rae Driscoll~ Ukulele Workshops

Michel Rae Driscoll is a self taught ukulele enthusiast and a firm believer that music improves the quality of life.  Michel was inspired to learn the ukulele when she met  the local ukulele duo known as The Edukated Fleas. The Fleas had what they call a “Ukulele Invitational” coming up, basically a concert of various ukulele players with an eye-opening variety of styles of music. She taught herself enough to be able to perform in the Ukulele Invitational, and has been hooked ever since.  Michel  is greatly looking forward to sharing the wonders of this lightweight, easy to transport instrument and all the musical fun that can be had after learning just a few simple chords and strum patterns. Michel selects songs for her workshops that  offer a wide variety of songs and styles, and offers a free take the packet home at the end of the workshop. Michel  is a singer/songwriter whose songs are both inspirational and multi-faceted. She believes in putting a smile on your face and leaving you with a song in your heart. She plays guitar and ukulele and offers hands-on lessons in a fun, light-hearted way.

Dance, Yoga, Creative Movement

Meredith Hettler~ Yoga for Kids, Teens and Mommy & Me
Meredith began practicing yoga as a teenager to help stay in shape between sports seasons. While she always enjoyed the athleticism and physicality that came with yoga, it wasn’t until her college years that she began to appreciate the spiritual and mental benefits that yoga can offer.   Since graduating college, Meredith has practiced such forms of yoga as Power Vinyasa, Bikram and Ashtanga. She has taken pieces from each of these genres and incorporated them into her individual practice which she enjoys.  Meredith teaches classes for yogi’s beginner to advanced.  Regardless of the yogi’s physical level Meredith’s classes will always focus on calming the mind, increasing self-awareness and learning to disconnect from thoughts or feels that negatively impact one’s well being.  Along with being a certified yoga instructor Meredith is currently working towards her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has also spent much of her career working for children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Meredith hopes to utilize her knowledge of yoga as a helping tool for the individuals she serves. Meredith enjoys bicycling, reading, designing jewelry and spending time with her family, friends and her beloved dog and cat.

Joni Lowe ~ Belly Dance Fitness

Joni has been a leader in the fitness industry for almost 10 years.  She is on a mission to teach women to love their bodies, create fun in life, and to break through our thoughts that hold us back.  Joni loves to share the fun of Belly Dance Fusion.  The best part is to see the women claim their beautiful bodies as they stand up with their heads up high, chest wide open, and their hips popping from side to side.  The improved body confidence is wonderful to witness. Joni also offers fun feminine workshops for women about celebrating oneself, creating unwavering self love, and living life full out.  Learn more about Joni at

Creative Music & Movement, Cultural Music & Movement  ~ Taught by Wendy Mitchell (bio above)
Belly Dance  and Mommy & Me Belly Dance ~  Coming soon!

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